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It can erase your browsing history as well as other sensitive data
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Whenever you surf the Net, your browser will store information about the sites you visit, the searched terms as well as websites cookies. Many times these data contain sensitive information about you, thus posing a serious threat to your privacy. Free Internet Eraser can help you preserve your privacy by wiping Internet navigation data. In addition, it can also erase the history of computer activities.

The program has a straightforward tab-based interface. In fact, you can perform most actions successfully from the main tab. Three options are available: Quick Clean, Clean and Reboot and Clean and Shutdown. A Quick Clean operation will delete all the items that you have previously configured. Clean and Reboot is the action recommended by the developer as some items usually require a system reboot before they can be completely removed. Finally, Clean and Shutdown will also eliminate unnecessary elements and shut down your computer once the operation has been completed.

If you want to personalize the cleaning process, you can visit the rest of the tabs and check the desired options. Among the items related to the operating system that can be erased we find recent document lists, executed programs lists, search history, Registry streams and clipboard contents. Similarly, you can ask the program to erase your browser’s cache, browsing history, cookies and the list of visited or typed URLs. Moreover, the program can be set to run automatically during Windows startup. Likewise, you can schedule regular cleaning tasks.

In general, Free Internet Eraser is a small free utility that uses effective procedures to preserve your privacy. However, if you want to have access to more functions, you can buy a more advanced version of this application. I must tell you too that most system optimizers can do what this app does and much more, so if you are already using one, perhaps you should check if it can clean navigation data, which would render downloading and installing Free Internet Eraser totally unnecessary.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • It can preserve your privacy effectively
  • It is very small


  • It may be unnecessary when you are already using a system optimizer
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