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Free Internet Eraser software another clean program? now you probably will think How many programs I need to run to get rid of all your temporarily files? Well, this one is the solution of your request. Let’s explain something short about what does your browser do when you navigate, it generates temporarily files such as: cookies, cache, history, addresses bar, index.dat, auto complete memory, and so on. There are much more temporarily files that you ever imagine, why?, because when you need to go through one page to another into the web site your browser will need to generate a temporarily file so when you come back the deployment is faster, but if you really navigate often your temporarily files will get bigger and bigger, this is something you could avoid. This program Free Internet Eraser, will do for you a deep cleaning in the computer of all the unnecessary files. You will have the option to control all the cleaning files, maybe you need some of certain files in the future, but don’t worry about it, you will have the control. Cleaning regularly will prevent also the visit of a hacker and have in our hands the complete control of all your web site visits. Please keep in mind, if you want to have always a fast computer, you necessarily need to clean regularly your temporarily files. Now, when you download your free trial you can use per a period of 15 days, it has also another version (pro), this one is complete! If you want to read all its features, please take a brief look into the web site. Now, be sure that you won’t leave any trail of your visits, get rid of all your unnecessary files!

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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